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21 May 2007
Death of the PlayStation Museum?
Via Simon at GameSetWatch, I see that the PlayStation Museum (site down as of this writing) is probably closing down. The collection is for sale here currently, with an asking price of $30,000. As someone who is quasi-obsessive about PlayStation game collecting, I'm sad to see it go. If there is a university out there looking to jump into preservation with both feet, I'd think thirty grand would be pretty cheap for this extensive a collection.

On the plus side, owning about 8.5% of the number of PSOne games they have doesn't make me feel too bad about my collection. And it's not jointly owned (one PS Museum partner is apparently the reason for the liquidation), so I don't have anyone urging me to sell it off. (No, I'm not counting my wife. I think she's found her peace with my collection.)

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--Matt Matthews at 20:10
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Plus, just think: if you ever have a mind, maybe you can get $2,550 for your collection?

By Blogger JohnH, at 21 May, 2007 21:06  

Whoa, I just went there, the auction loaded, I signed in, and now it's coming up as Invalid Item. Someone took it down?

By Blogger QueenKatofTypos, at 22 May, 2007 00:29  

The eBay auction is gone, but the PlayStation Museum pages are back online and the news item in on those pages linking to the same (nonexistent) auction. Odd.

By Blogger jvm, at 22 May, 2007 05:43  

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