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31 May 2007
Carmack's jumped the shark
id Software is working on a brand new game with a brand new engine, and I don't care:
"We are working on an all-new franchise: it's not Doom, it's not Quake, it's not Wolfenstein, it's not Enemy Territory, it's not even Commander Keen!

"It is a new id brand with an all-new John Carmack engine and I think that when we show it to people, once again they'll see, just like they saw when we first showed Doom 3, that John Carmack still has a lot of magic left."

A decade ago the words "all-new John Carmack engine" would have had me poring for hours over Anandtech video card, motherboard, and CPU reviews. Now I wonder why I ever cared so much. Maybe id really will have something novel and fun this time, but I wouldn't even bet my milk money on it.

I'm going to hazard that I've changed and id Software fundamentally hasn't.

Edit: Removed link to Kotaku junk post and linked to original source. Idiots.

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--Matt Matthews at 15:54
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You know, my software degrees of separation from John Carmack is not very high. John Carmack used to work for Softdisk Publishing, the same outfit I used to write games for freelance.

And what I remember about those magazines that Softdisk produced is that they required an amazing variety of software over the months.

Because of this, I think Carmack could very well do something other than a FPS, and do it well. Remains to be seen if he will though, of course.

By Blogger JohnH, at 31 May, 2007 16:27  

I agree.

please, not another fps.

I still can't play them due to my oversaturation like 7 years ago.

Everytime I load up one I just feel like I'm playing quake with different assets.

By Blogger Adrian, at 31 May, 2007 16:46  

Yeah, I've shot at enough demony things in metallic dimly lit corridors by now, thanks.

By Anonymous fnc, at 31 May, 2007 18:23  

So, you're all creamy over a remake of a Tomb Raider game that you critically panned months before it's release, but John Carmack gets a 'meh'?

Yeah, I'll wait for the game.

By Blogger Jeremy, at 31 May, 2007 18:52  

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