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10 April 2007
Worth watching: The Making of Imagic
I've only just gotten through part 1, but would already recommend watching the documentary The Making of Imagic, discussed on the forums. I really enjoyed hearing how Imagic's founder, son of a NYC policeman, heads west to make his coin. Great reprisal of the great frontier myth/manifest destiny narrative.

Outside of what it says about the *cough* afterbirth of console gaming, it is somewhat painful to be reminded how us kids dressed back then, but overall the flashback is enjoyable in and of itself.
--ruffin at 12:37
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Well, I hope you downloaded it already, because it's gone from YouTube - 'Terms of use violation' comes up. The owners must have noticed it was there.

Too bad, I'd have liked to see it.

By Anonymous Michael Kohne, at 10 April, 2007 13:43  

That Atari Age thread may or may not contain the means to get around the removal of the movie from YouTube.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 April, 2007 13:56  

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