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10 April 2007
The World Series of WoW
Not to get too blogirific today, but I'll risk putting Jeremy to sleep (he should've dozed at the headline) and mention the World of Warcraft Arena Tournament. In just a few short days, the best arena teams on each server will meet on a "public test server" for a showdown.

What happens at the end of the first qualifying round?
Players will have until April 15 to achieve top rankings in their battlegroups. The top teams from each battlegroup will be invited to participate in the second qualification round, where they will compete with the top teams from the other battlegroups in their region. Characters on the qualifying teams will be copied to a public test realm (PTR) and will have two weeks (April 21 to May 4) to compete for the top eight spots and advance to the regional tournament.
(emph mine)

This is a little like the World Series in baseball, at least before interleague play. As servers get full, Blizzard often does server splits, encouraging people to move their characters off of an older, populated server to a new one. I've "lost" acquaintances this way in the past, as I didn't really have much reason to talk to the folk outside of gaming. Now, characters that would have never seen each other -- like Major League Baseball's old system where the National and American Leagues never played except in the Series -- could even adventure together, if they were so inclined, for a few short weeks.

Popular players on each server might also draw a few spectators, which would be a neat way to move WoW into the realm of spectator sport. I'll be pulling for some Aussie Proudmoore folk, certainly.
--ruffin at 12:46
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