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04 April 2007
Sony the Copycat
In developing its online strategy, Sony ran a serious risk of being called a copycat since Microsoft had already covered the bases so well with Xbox Live. Given the blowback from the PlayStation 3's SIXAXIS controller -- which is motion sensing in a manner similar to the Wii remote -- they couldn't let it play out that way.

The GDC 2007 announcements of PlayStation Home and the Game 3.0 initiative successfully put Sony on the offensive. Phil Harrison and his crew pulled off what I'd considered impossible: planting the seeds of doubt in the Microsoft faithful. Maybe -- just maybe -- Sony's system would have features that they wanted, but couldn't have, in Xbox Live.

This doesn't mean that Sony isn't copying Xbox Live, of course. In fact, they should be mimicking every feature as fast as they can. As long as they keep the focus on what they (will) have that Microsoft doesn't, they can add the standard Xbox Live features with practical immunity from criticism.

Now, of course, Sony has to deliver. What some saw as pessimism in my recent column is actually my attempt to view the situation realistically. I encourage everyone, again, to go read what Sony announced for the PlayStation 2 in early 2000. They promised a boatload of features. Some of those features -- like downloadable movies -- still haven't materialized.

At least we have seen that downloadable movies can be done on Xbox Live. I'm sure Sony's busy copying that feature right now. If I'm right, then it will have a distinctive PlayStation Home twist when it arrives.

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--Matt Matthews at 16:26
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Comments on this post:

Sony owns one in three movies that have been produced through their various studios. Even if they hadn't already talked up digital distribution of trailers, I'd be ASTONISHED if they didn't do something to send movies to users via the net onto a PS3.

That it hasn't happened already is a testament to how segmented and firewalled Sony is as a company.

However, the idea that Second Life is a feature that I want that I can't have is just some bizarre fantasy on your part.

Either that, or you're a furry.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

By Blogger Jeremy, at 04 April, 2007 19:20  

Jeremy, it comes as no surprise that you don't know hwy you'd want Second Life. It is clear you don't have a lfe to begin with. A second one would totally overwhelm you.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 April, 2007 20:55  

Uh huh.

Get a name, then I'll evaluate your life.

By Blogger Jeremy, at 05 April, 2007 00:15  

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