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03 April 2007
GameQuest Direct and PSOne games
As I've voiced previously, recent consolidation of GameStop and EB Games and Rhino Games into a single corporation has diminished the quality of the videogame market in my area. Then I read a claim that GameQuest Direct had stopped reprinting PSOne games in response to GameStop's decision to liquidate its PSOne stock. That would be a disturbing result, if true.

In response to my questions, GameQuest's Kevin Baqai told me that the claim about their PSOne reprints was in error. "Our policy on reprints has been dictated by the consumer demands rather than GameStop or EB policies," he told me via email. So given enough demand, and successful negotiation with publishers, GameQuest would consider reprinting PSOne games. In fact, they haven't stopped talks with publishers over PSOne games, as Baqai continued: "At this moment, we are in discussions with various game publishers on PSOne titles but most resources are allocated to the PS2 since it has the largest user base which is actively purchasing games."

I continuously buy older games for every system I own, and I am pleased that GameQuest says it will continue to seek republishing older PSOne and PS2 games. However, I wonder what effect the GameStop decision had on demand for PSOne games. If a system is no longer stocked in the stores accessible to most consumers, demand may go down. GameQuest's choices may be influenced indirectly if the disappearance of PSOne software from GameStop caused a diminished demand for it among consumers.

Then again, perhaps steadfast PSOne owners will be driven to online resellers -- like GameQuest -- and demand for reprints will actually increase. After all, if a business like SongBird Productions can exist selling short runs of new games to the minuscule Atari Jaguar and Lynx market, certainly a boutique PSOne shop can make a living too?

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--Matt Matthews at 10:43
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