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11 April 2007
Everything You Like We Hate, And Vice Versa
Action Button is a contrarian game review site that seems to exist to give good reviews to old games, and bad reviews to new games (if they are not Gears of War).

Okay, I oversimplify there. They deserve much more credit than that. I actually agree, with the text at least, with most of their reviews, which almost never happens elsewhere. Zelda: Twilight Princess I enjoyed, but I do have to agree most of their reasoning on that one. (It is worth noting that their review of that game has garnered seventy comments, a fact that either speaks against the review or Nintendo fanboys, depending on your assumptions.)

I don't agree with all their reviews, mind. Their review of Star Fox: Command, a game that is by no means perfect, is over-written, smarmy, and ultimately shallow.

Yet I can forgive much on behalf of a site willing to utterly take the piss out of Final Fantasy VII. "He is torn between his childhood friend [deleted] and his newfound love, Aeris Dies."

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--John Harris at 14:11
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Their review of Kingdom Hearts II is just as rancorous. I mean that as high praise.

By Blogger JohnH, at 11 April, 2007 14:22  

ActionButton is a spin-off of InsertCredit and SelectButton. The problems with Zelda is a recurring topic on the old InsertCredit forums, now the SelectButton forums. So a bit of opinionated response on an ActionButton review of Twilight Princess isn't so surprising.

By Anonymous Baines, at 11 April, 2007 23:32  

Yeah, I recognized the sometimes overblown IC style on that Starfox review.

I think they're overstating the problems with Zelda, but I can see their point.

By Blogger JohnH, at 12 April, 2007 02:55  

The site comes across like Old Man Murray taking itself ~almost~ too seriously. Like the reviews are an exercise in style more than an attempt to summarize a game. I don't completely agree about SF:C. It was a good game, but it was rendered completely shit via use of the incredibly stupid time limit mechanic.

By Anonymous fnc, at 12 April, 2007 17:08  

On the excessive style at AB: I sorta agree with you, and yet I also like the style sometimes, especially when it is bitterly sarcastic (which is just about the only thing I feel about most video games any more).

Star Fox Command's time limit I will not call stupid. I think games need way more experimentation in their design, not less, and game developers are already mostly cowed into submission from listening to hordes of pseudo-intellectual complaints over anything in games at all that make them more than a prompt that reads "Press 'A' to win the game."

But it does seem strange that Star Fox pilots don't seem to put enough fuel in their ships to fly more than a couple of minutes before crashing.

By Blogger JohnH, at 12 April, 2007 19:09  

Man I miss OMM :(. That site was so brilliant. One of them works for Valve now, I hear? Y'all remember the sailor?

Ah, good times.

They're right, too, FF7 was crap,
FF6 was genius. And yet its hard to enumnerate the differences... was FF7 more linear? It sort of felt like it was. Was it the beginning of the homoerotic teenage drama bomb style that culminated in how awful FF10 was? Yeah, I guess... oh Knights of the Round Table. Yeah that's why FF7 really sucked...


By Blogger Michael, at 12 April, 2007 19:36  

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