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28 April 2007
A bridge (of adapters) too far
When I mentioned that I could play light gun games with my one good hand I forgot an essential fact: I can't play traditional light gun games on the LCD HDTV I bought a couple of months ago. Oops.

There are newer guns that work with LCDs and plasma sets -- the RGT G1 and the LCD TopGun are two -- but they don't appear to work with older systems since they both use USB. (Aside: I'm told the RGT G1 is not very good. Their pages say there is a new model due soon, during Q2 2007.) Working with USB means that older systems like the Dreamcast and PSOne aren't really in the mix. Unless, of course, there is a way to hack together an adapter.

So here's my idea of how I might be able to play something like House of the Dead 2 on the Dreamcast using this newer gun:

LCD TopGun -> USB to PS/2 adapter -> Total Control 2 -> Dreamcast

That's PS/2 -- the keyboard and mouse interface -- not PS2 as in PlayStation 2. Anyone have ideas about whether this would work or not? Even better, anyone in a position to try it out?

Then again, I should be able to pick up a cheap CRT TV in a year or so as they're pushed out of the market, so maybe I should just wait.

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--Matt Matthews at 22:19
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I have tried using PS2 to USB adapters to let you plug PS2 keyboards/mice into motherboards that only have USB. Unfortunately, this only seems to work if the mouse/keyboard you're using "knows" about the adapter. What this means is that if the device you are using didn't come with one of these adapters, it probably isn't going to work.

By Anonymous Joe, at 29 April, 2007 12:46  

I could be wrong, but I think the way light guns work involves the fact that the game console generates the timing signals that control the TV's refresh. Could putting multiple adapters in the line might introduce subtle timing differences that could mess up accuracy?

By Blogger JohnH, at 29 April, 2007 17:03  

I've seen some danged big B&W TVs at the olde thrifts for $15 or so that were working at the time (color only slightly more -- $40?). If B&W TVs don't pose an issue, go one-armed bandit, go. ;^)

It does lose a little playing on the 1702, certainly.

By Blogger rufbo, at 29 April, 2007 17:28  

Not enough to make a difference. You're talking about possible lag in the 1 to 2 milliseconds range, and an available window of over 15 milliseconds to complete any given task.

By Blogger Jeremy, at 29 April, 2007 18:02  

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