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04 April 2007
Ancestry of Game 3.0
A piece I put together on Sony's Game 3.0 is up today at Next-Gen. Consider this post a place to file complaints and other comments.

I would like to credit Josh at Cathode Tan for an idea I used in the piece, with his permission. Here is his original post in which I first read about NDAs being in the mod community, from which I drew the connection. The original forum thread that Josh is referencing is here.

I had a couple of comments about Game 3.0 that didn't fit in with the piece that I'll probably put into a later post.

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--Matt Matthews at 06:12
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"Now ewe enter"

Thanks Yak.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 April, 2007 15:21  

You got /.-ed :)

By Blogger Zach, at 05 April, 2007 09:13  

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