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30 April 2007
360 Elite Has Issues.
In what should be received with little to no surprise by anyone, we're starting to see reports that the Xbox 360 Elite is (allegedly) the same clumsy old accident-prone oaf cheekily stuffed into sexy black casing. I can believe this, for various reasons, but mostly because it conforms to my cynical tendencies and a rather drab and pessimistic view on Microsoft's business practice.

Of course, the Elite is an SKU that has divided opinion since it was announced (a brief perusal of the comments attached to my last post about it should act as a friendly microcosm) and for a while - at least in my mind - there was hope that the hardware revisions were going to cut down on the allegedly extreme failure rates experienced by various poor 360 owners. To be fair, I think it's safe to say that it's far too soon to take these reports as definite, as no launch these days is perfect and various units will inevitably break down within the first few days. As things pan out, we might start to see that the Elite actually fails less then the current Premium. It could really go either way.

Yet, news like this can hardly help matters. I've said it before, but I still breathe a little sigh of relief every time I turn my 360 on and it doesn't break. I think it's safe to say that this isn't damaging to Microsoft's sales figures, or the success of the 360 as a whole, but it would certainly cheer up cynical and fearful owners like myself. First impressions are vital, as Sony will tell you after last years E3, and if the opinion of the internet cronies is that the machine is unreliable then it'll probably stick. The curmudgeons are not a significant part of the sales market, but keeping the fans on your good side can't be a bad idea for an industry that relies, far too often, on hype and fanaticism to get its sales.

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--Martin at 11:58
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