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03 March 2007
What would make me buy a PS3?
Or, in some cases, just what I'd like to see in a console.
  1. Ripping of my PSOne and PS2 games to the hard drive for use with the new emulation software. As a concession to avoid piracy, I'd be happy to verify my ripped copy with the original disc once out of every 25 times I attempt play from the hard drive. Or something like that.
  2. PlayStation Network stocked with free demos of every PS3 game.
  3. PSN Store stocked with dozens of PSOne games, including rare or Japanese-only titles, playable on PS3 as well as PSP.
  4. Start putting smaller PS2 games up for sale on the PSN Store.
  5. And while we're at it, how about Sony sells PSP games and an emulator on the PSN?
  6. Improved image quality on PS2 and PSOne games with the new emulation software.
  7. Sleep mode, just like I have on the PSP.
  8. High quality upscaling of DVDs. Reportedly coming soon, but I want to hear about quality from users first.
  9. Movies I actually want available on demand. Some sort of movie service reported to be announced this coming week, but no word on the selection, or which studios outside of Sony's will be included.
  10. A screenshot feature in future games.
  11. User account webpages with online storage. Storage can be used for screenshots, save games, and some sort of blogging.
  12. A chocolate chip cookie.

The way Sony acts some days, I'm not even sure they could manage the cookie.

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--Matt Matthews at 22:49
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13. Decent Games (dong! In a perfect world this would be in size 48 font, red, and flashing with SATIRE! SATIRE! printed next to it and an animated .gif of my head, complete with necessary gimp-like grinning expression, rotating endlessly)

I really like the ideas about the screenshots (because that was awesome in Loco Roco) and the sleep mode. It's a delight being able to 'pause' in the middle of a game with the handheld consoles and something I truly miss when playing their bulkier living room counterparts.

The emulation stuff would obviously be great.

Shame it's unlikely we'll ever see any of it, though.

By Blogger Martin, at 03 March, 2007 23:49  

On the games front, I'd be happy to play flOw and Resistance for a while. And I've got a library of PS2 and PSOne games that need finishing. But, yes, the PS3 could and should be stronger there.

By Blogger jvm, at 04 March, 2007 09:40  

Naturally any use of the prefix "emu" will get a red flag from Sony (or MS or Nintendo for that matter) unless it was a typo for "emo-rock".

I think you've hit the core of one of their big needs for 2007 though - win out on the downloadable media front.

Also, prove to gamer that their gaming network doesn't suck.

By Blogger Josh, at 04 March, 2007 10:18  

What kind of chocolate chip cookie are we talking here?

By Blogger Bigelow, at 04 March, 2007 17:27  

Bigelow: I'm easy to please. It can be Chips Ahoy or one of those tubes of pre-made dough from the refrigerated cabinets in the grocery store.

Now, if Sony were to pull off a home-made cookie, all the better. But let's not get our hopes up.

By Blogger jvm, at 04 March, 2007 18:36  

# Improved image quality on PS2 and PSOne games with the new emulation software.

Good call. And hopefully make it easier to access than the texture smoothing (??) the PS2 would do to PS1 games.

There were a few games where the PS2 smoothing was an improvement, but it is a pain enough that I haven't used it -- and haven't even tried (as in, "still have never tried") the last few times I've pulled Speedball back out, in spite of the game's crappy textures. Having a profile on my memory card keeping track of which games I wanted to use the smoothing would have been ideal.

So I wouldn't say, like martin, that we won't see it (if it's impossible, why did Sony add the extras for PS2?). The move to software emu gives the opportunity for more features, not less, imo.

Yes, I'd like a cookie with that, too.

By Blogger rufbo, at 05 March, 2007 11:42  

What would make you buy a 360?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 March, 2007 01:47  

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