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05 March 2007
Well, that explains the Game Boy market, doesn't it?
MobyGames just posted this from a Game Developer Conference talk by Trip Hawkins:
Trip also talked about the overcrowded license market and how more original titles will encourage the growth of the industry. Trip also talked about the royalty fees that a major licensor imposed awhile back. For GameBoy games it was 4%, for Playstation it was about 7%, online stuff it was about 11%, and for mobile games it was about 50%. This type of abuse causes the quality of games to be lower and as a result, the consumer, the publisher and the developer all end up getting burned.
Seeing that fee structure, is it any surprise that more than 50% of the GBA library was
licensed games when I crunched the numbers over 3.5 years ago? I'm betting it's far, far higher now. Of course the PlayStation was also a dumping ground for junk, as was its successor.

How depressing.

Update: is also covering the Hawkins talk, and adds this bit:
He added that some larger publishers are too interested in playing safe, saving some direct criticism for the Electronic Arts, the company he originally founded. "They spent a lot of money tying up Tetris and gaining placement on the decks, but if that's the best we can think of [them?] then there is something very wrong." He said too many customers are simply being offered old games but in a second rate form.
I think Hawkins licensed this fiery old Costikyan rant regarding GDC 2003 changed a few words, and made it mobile-centric:
Year by year, budgets increase. Year by year, sales increase less. And year by year, the publishers become more conservative; at $3m a pop and a 3 year dev cycle, it's too risky to invest in any game that's--risky. Thus only sequels and licensed drivel get funded. -- Greg Costikyan, March 2003
Sequels, remakes, and licenses flood the game market. Now the same is happening game conference speeches. Where will the madness stop?

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--Matt Matthews at 15:36
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When do video games get their Sundance festival? There are shareware competitions, but I'm unaware of even if those games ever hit consoles.

By Blogger rufbo, at 06 March, 2007 19:06  

I think Slamdance wanted to be that, but they kind of blew their image when they kicked Super Columbine RPG out of the competition.

By Blogger jvm, at 06 March, 2007 20:45  

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