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06 March 2007
Say hello to my little console, friend.
Mac Rumors reports some interesting strings from the newest version of iTunes:

'Are you sure you want to sync games? All existing games on the Apple TV XXX will be replaced with games from this iTunes library.' and 'Some of the games in your iTunes library were not copied to the Apple TV XXX because they cannot be played on this Apple TV.' are further confirmation of comments by PopCap VP Greg Canessa indicating that the Apple TV would indeed support games.

In the latest issue of PC Gamer, the top ten games of the year went something like, "WoW, Sims, Sims, something else that's not Madden, Sims, Sims, Sims." If AppleTV is at all OS X-like, it shouldn't be long until we're playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire 2 on our BMW of TiVos!!! Will Xbox care?

(This post in part to remind me to post on both PC Gamer's list versus the wacko top 100 list Matt posted earlier as well as to blog my wonderful first impresion of playing Tetris on my cell phone, which reminded me a lot of Amazing X-Ray Glasses from Sprint!.)


--ruffin at 23:50
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I don't know the specs on an Apple TV unit, nor do I know the min requirements for World of Warcraft, but I'm sure you do. So, could it be done? And how long would it take you to buy one in that case? I'm just asking...

By Blogger jvm, at 07 March, 2007 00:02  

Say, if Apple TV can play games, isn't it effectively a console?

By Blogger JohnH, at 07 March, 2007 01:11  

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