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08 March 2007
On the road again
As you may have noticed, Martin is the new curmudgeon. As an Xbox 360 owner, I think Martin can add some balance to the views you can find here on Curmudgeon Gamer. Check out Mega Derived to see his personal blog.

For the next week I'll be mostly offline and less likely to blog. Hopefully Martin and veteran bloggers Ruffin, John, and Bob will find time for a few posts while I'm away. Regular readers will note that I inevitably find time for a post or two even when I'm supposed to be taking a break.

I'm taking Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP) and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (DS) along with me, along with several other games for those handhelds. I had hoped Dotstream (GBA) would come in before I left, but it appears I'm out of luck.
--Matt Matthews at 21:22
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Don't forget the cache of games at my house.

By Blogger cgm, at 08 March, 2007 22:10  

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