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23 March 2007
Boot Camp == Booted Out
That's one heck of a list of Mac games for 2007. Let's hit some highlights of the fourteen games's "Intelligence Department" has managed to dig up.

* Stoked Rider by Bongfish- Snow Boarding Sim
* The Late Call by ByDesign Games- Stealth/Strategy
* Wakfu by Ankama Games- MMORPG
* Waterstorm by Rarebyte- Submersible Combat


Check out the link for mini-previews. Going to be a WHALE of a year!!!1!Shift-2^H!

(Look, I hate raining on the parade, but that's just not much of a list. I'm glad to see The Sims keeps getting some action and the Star Wars games, Legos or no, remain popular. But seriously, I can still get better games on an Atari Jaguar. Hopefully this means Apple's in-house iTV gaming crew have cornered the market on all the good ports. (Yes, sarcastic.)

Recently, I have enjoyed a few games of Maelstrom on my iBook. I really should finally pay my dough for that one.)
--ruffin at 21:30
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Meh, it's not actually all that much better on PC.

Consoles get the love.

By Blogger Jeremy, at 23 March, 2007 22:09  

I'm not concerned as far as PC (Mac in my case too) gaming goes. I've got Heroes of Might and Magic 5 (Intel mac only, though) and Civ IV. :)

There are really no other games for me... with the exception of the Total Annihilation "sequel", Supreme Commander. (is that it?) Computer games are too obsessed at this point with MMORPGs and FPSes. I do think I'll be setting up a Parallels Windows install so I can finally finish the Elf campaign of Disciples 2. :)

By Blogger JFTaylor, at 23 March, 2007 22:47  

Though I don't know that MMORPGs and fps' are a nontrivial example, I'd also mention the sports genre as one place the WinPC has it all over alt-OSes. Add that games like Rainbow Six aren't hitting the Mac any time soon...

I guess my surprise is that the "quality over quantity" argument is about as dead as "the megahertz myth".

By Blogger rufbo, at 24 March, 2007 00:47  

I think if Cider games work remotely well, you'll see quicker ports ... but to Intel only Macs of course.

I keep meaning to make a list of good, cheap Mac games that will run on about anything. I still enjoy a good game of GalCon, Uplink or Darwinia on the Mini.

But overall, I'm with Jeremy. Having just resurrected my PC from the dead - I'm not entirely impressed with the prospects.

By Blogger Josh, at 24 March, 2007 12:15  

Just this week the guys on the GFW podcast were basically saying the same thing. The indie games movement is keeping good games alive on the platform, but more and more of the large publishers are just skipping PC entirely.

The whole market is gobbled up by one MMO and one dollhouse franchise. After that, your big sellers are kids games.

Even FPSes don't sell that well on PC anymore (the companies that make them would claim that is because their players are all stealing them, but you'd think they'd find ways to stop that, given that they're all playing online, so I'm guessing that their players don't exist on PC anymore).

I'd far rather play some of the free indie stuff than essentially any of the big publisher stuff.

That's the real reason that the Games for Windows program is a joke. It's not about Microsoft's commitment or lack thereof, it's about the publishers just not giving a shit anymore. The money isn't there.

By Blogger Jeremy, at 24 March, 2007 18:34  

Maybe PC gamers are finally getting burned out on FPS? While years ago nearly anything would sell, I'd say I've seen almost no interest in PC FPS that aren't one of the big name People still talk about Half-Life. They talked about Doom 3, but that didn't turn out to be all positive after the game was released. I see more references to using an Unreal engine for game development than I see references to people actually playing any incarnation of Unreal anymore. And everything else? Maybe a little talk about any decent idea, but mostly negative and "don't bother, because [insert name] is better."

Basically, I think the golden age of FPS popularity and sales has passed, and now it is dropping down to more normal PC game numbers.

By Anonymous Baines, at 25 March, 2007 15:54  

Basically, I think the golden age of FPS popularity and sales has passed, and now it is dropping down to more normal PC game numbers.

That's where I'd want to place the SiN episode test that didn't pan out. How many people have actually finished [insert fps here]? Online play had played out (see Matt's recent stuff), and there was still plenty of unfinishable single-player content out there. Why not give the folks a bite-sized morsel?

Apparently because we're still chewing on Quake 3.

In any event, if the WinPC has it bad, I'm not sure how you describe Mac options. Ludicrously poor?

By Blogger rufbo, at 25 March, 2007 18:44  

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