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01 February 2007
Finally, a Castlevania for PSP and on top of it, it's a remake of Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night. Sony's not completely asleep at the switch, it would appear. Video here.

A year ago, the PSP scene felt like a wasteland to me. It's not saturated with games I want to play, like the PlayStation 2, but it is very respectable.

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--Matt Matthews at 21:58
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I was wondering when you were going to post about this.

It looks awesome. =)

I still find the library like a wasteland, but that's mostly because I'm not really into most of the popular franchises. (i'd rather slit my wrists than be subjected to gta or mgs, tbh)

All the games on the psp I like, seem to be ports or remakes (castlevania, mega-man etc).

This is definitely welcome however, as I never played rondo of blood. And the added benefit of a widescreen symphony of the night helps a lot.

By Blogger Adrian, at 01 February, 2007 23:31  

I spent some time away from the laptop this evening, so I missed the initial news rush. :^) But here it is, as you expected.

My interest in GTA has waned. But MGSPO is a far different game, in my view. It's got aspects of a management sim that are awfully appealing. If you don't care for the basic MGS3 gameplay, then stay away, but don't mistake it for just another MGS in the vein of MGS, MGS2, MGS3.

And Hot Shots Golf, Every Extend Extra, Pirates, and Pinball Hall of Fame are far from the usual big franchises, in my view. (Yes, HSG has had several iterations, but it's not a huge name like Metal Gear or GTA.) And they're the games that define the PSP for me right now.

By Blogger jvm, at 01 February, 2007 23:38  

And about Rondo of Blood...I've entertained buying the needed system for a long time, along with the hefty price of the game itself. It now appears that the wait will pay off.

Of all the games that have tempted me sorely to commit a copyright violation, Rondo of Blood is right at the top.

By Blogger jvm, at 01 February, 2007 23:40  

Apart from hot shots golf , the rest of those games look really interesting.

I had a step father who was a golfer, which meant far too many dreary saturdays on golf courses (instead of playing videogames), and that all ended up with me having a strong (nearly pathological) dislike of anything even remotely relating to golf.

I haven't picked up every extend extra yet, although i've been meaning to, honestly Xenogears has been keeping me plenty busy.

I also didn't know Pirates was out yet. I never played it on PC, but everyone I know that did, loved it to bits.

Other than a few rounds of Osu Tatakae Ouendan here and there, i haven't even been playing my DS much in the last few months.

By Blogger Adrian, at 02 February, 2007 03:52  

Oh, and jvm.

Having read your blog for several years, I can so see you getting the original system+game eventually anyway (if the right deal came along).

Don't try to deny it, you like collecting this stuff just as much as I do =)

By Blogger Adrian, at 02 February, 2007 03:54  

Don't try to deny it, you like collecting this stuff just as much as I do =)

Guilty as charged.

By Blogger jvm, at 02 February, 2007 03:57  

You do know that you could have easily gotten Rondo of Blood and a PCE Duo for the price of a PSP and this remake.

Assuming that you bought the PSP at launch.

And you'd have the option of playing any of the other great games in that system's library. Would have had for years now.

By Blogger Jeremy, at 02 February, 2007 06:19  

You do know that you could have easily gotten Rondo of Blood and a PCE Duo for the price of a PSP and this remake.

We've all bought irrationally into the grid somehow, I imagine. I can't stay away from WoW or the NFL.

It's important to realize [in this case] jvm's fanboy biases,too. Though it would seem collecting for an esoteric system like the PCE would seem up his alley (you have a TubroGrafx, Matt?), he has seemed somewhat interested in non-Microsoft convergence boxes that also continued to allow access to recently released games. Though he's got a DS, there seems to be a distinct Sony element to the mobile gaming (and console, fwiw) fanboyness. He's rooting for the PSP, likely largely irrationally, and the Castlevania fetish now only exacerbates & sustains the illusion that he's been backing the only horse worthy of winning the race. [/end dimestone psychoanalysis]

(I, of course, am hoping Head-to-Head Football is rereleased and destroys all comers in the market of mobile gaming, fulfilling its destiny as Nostradamus has predicted.)

So if I were to critique the post, it'd be that the continued love of both Sony and Castlevania doesn't do much to support the "all games equally" tagline. But then this is, after all, a blog.

By Blogger rufbo, at 02 February, 2007 13:02  

If it's just about the Castlevania, then I've got just the portable fetish object for him.

It's got Nintendo written all over the back and plays about half a dozen Castlevanias.

By Blogger Jeremy, at 02 February, 2007 21:38  

I can't actually recall JVM mentioning himself playing any of the castlevanias on the DS yet.

I played, and really really enjoyed, Dawn of Sorrow. I haven't managed to get a copy of Portrait of Ruin yet, but from what I've heard it's even higher quality than Dawn of Sorrow.

My one concern about rondo of blood, is that it has the classic castlevania formula, with straight forward levels, instead of the open map "metroidvania" game design of the 2d games since Symphony of the Night.

By Blogger Adrian, at 02 February, 2007 22:19  

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