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12 February 2007
Shadow of the Colossus figurine
While I was picking up replacement UMD cases from Play-Asia, I also happened across these Shadow of the Colossus figurines and picked one up. As far as I can tell you just get whatever random one is stuck in the box, since there is no indication on the outside about the contents. I got Colossus #16.

Anyway, I wondered how big it would really be when it arrived. In case anyone else was wondering, I put it up next to a CD case and took some photos so you could see the size in context.

And, as usual, no, I am not offering up an Intelligent Qube ISO.


--Matt Matthews at 20:40
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Hey, I just ordered one of these last week! Along with an on-sale Viewtiful Joe figurine.

It's a tiny colossus. Kinda like a jumbo shrimp.

I sometimes wish the US got more of these sort of things (I've seen a Okami plush that's simply awesome) but I doubt they'd sell well.

By Blogger Dan-o, at 13 February, 2007 01:45  

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