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23 February 2007
The recent past is already lost (or: Tomb Raider Anniversary news)
Today there is new information on Tomb Raider: Anniversary, in the form of an official site and a trailer. When Zakk tossed me the link to Kotaku's post about it, was I a bit taken aback by what Michael Fahey, the post's author, had written. If it's meant to be irony, then it's a bit too straight-faced for me.
While the title is supposed to be inspired by the original Tomb Raider game, I can't help but think Prince of Persia every time I watch this. Even the music fits. Not that that's neccisarily a bad thing, mind you. They could do a whole lot worse than creating a female Prince of Persia clone.
I had assumed it was fairly well understood that the original Tomb Raider had copied shamlessly from the original (2D) Prince of Persia, although the move to 3D was itself a significant innovation. Then when Prince of Persia: Sands of Time successfully moved that series into 3D (after the abhorrent first attempt, here reviewed with unintentional humor by IGN), it copied many ideas from Tomb Raider, but also added the time rewinding and fluid controls that Tomb Raider had lacked. Already Tomb Raider: Legend has been stealing ideas from Sands of Time, but that's precisely what it should do.

But now people think that Tomb Raider Anniversary is a clone of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time? I mean, it is in a way, but that statement seems to miss the whole history behind the two games.

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--Matt Matthews at 13:29
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