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25 February 2007
Liquid Snake sings Christmas songs
So I just finished God of War which starred Paul Eiding as the voice talent for Zeus and the gravedigger. As the voice of Colonel Roy Campbell from the Metal Gear Solid games or the narrator for Diablo, he's instantly recognizable. All this made me think of my favorite voice actor, Cam Clarke. In addition to voicing Liquid Snake in the MGS games and various characters in dozens of other games, Cam Clarke also voices Mac in Clifford, The Big Red Dog (which I watch with my older son) and Die Fledermaus in The Tick (the animated series from years ago).

Anyway, turns out Clarke has his own website, which has some great clips of his work on this page, including samples from his two singing albums. On one album he sings pop music, like Son of a Preacher Man, and on the other he sings Christmas songs. There is something utterly surreal about Liquid Snake singing Little Road to Bethlehem.
--Matt Matthews at 01:21
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How can you bring up Cam Clarke and not mention he was the voice of Leonardo?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 February, 2007 13:00  

That was after my time. I believe my brother and sister knew of the Turtles, but not I. At least, the Turtles from 15 years ago or whenever that was.

By Blogger jvm, at 26 February, 2007 13:05  

Nor forget that he's my voice when I play WoW. Or the newscaster in Doom3. And that he takes over as Flounder in The Littlest Mermaid II?!! And that he was Reporter #4 in L.A. Law!

Wow. Hall of Fame.

(still, the Night Elf cxn scares me. /flirt)

By Blogger rufbo, at 26 February, 2007 15:08  

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