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25 February 2007
I don't think that means what you think it means
On the topic of Chulip (PS2) again, it appears that GameSpot reviewed it last night. Here's their introduction:
There's something to be said for Chulip's abject weirdness and purposefully awkward structure, but they don't translate into a rewarding game experience.
The problem is that abject always has a negative connotation. Abject poverty and utter poverty mean similar things, but abject joy is an oxymoron while utter joy makes sense. I can see the author meaning utter in the above, but not abject.

One might translate GameSpot's summary as:
There is something to be said for Chulip's negative qualities, but they don't translate into a rewarding game experience.
Then again, maybe they meant it to be so witty?

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--Matt Matthews at 01:02
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Curious that the review doesn't seem to mention that Chulip is a 4+ year old game, just now getting released in the US. Given this, I find the not-up-to-FFXII-visuals quite acceptable. The music, also, is quite a treat.

By Blogger Dan-o, at 25 February, 2007 03:25  

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