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13 February 2007
Another view of sales by genre and publisher, plus spreadsheet
This is my last post on this data, but I was a bit dismayed to see that the graphs in's huge article yesterday (previous post) only counted titles in each genre and from each publisher, not taking into account the sales of each. That's sort of like the Senate version of the data. Here is the House of Representatives version where I've taken publishers and genres and totalled the unit sales for each.

First, unit sales by genre. As always, click for the larger version.
Compare to the original graph here.

  • Sports games pull a bit ahead of licensed (non-sports) games.
  • Shooters jump ahead of Action games by a hair.
  • RPGs move way up to parity with Action games and Shooters. (This is largely Square-Enix, although also some Pokemon.)
  • Finally, the Other column shrinks relative to the others.
Next, we look at unit sales by publisher:
Compare to the original graph here.

  • EA pulls even further out ahead of everyone else. Much of that is just Madden NFL 07.
  • THQ jumps to third place with its licensed game sales.
  • Activision jumps to fourth on the strength of Call of Duty 3 and Guitar Hero 2.
  • Take Two drops to fifth because they have more titles but none are huge sellers. (No GTA on consoles aside from the Liberty City Stories port from the PSP.)
  • Square leaps from the bottom of the pack to the middle thanks to its small number of huge-selling RPGs.
  • Microsoft jumps ahead of Sony primarily on sales of Gears of War.
As promised, here is my spreadsheet. If you add anything else to it, like release dates, please drop me a copy and I'll upload it here.

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--Matt Matthews at 12:58
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