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06 January 2007
Yeah, miss you too.
Some time ago, I gave EverQuest a shot. It gave me nausea, and that was that.

Almost. A while after I'd stopped playing, I got an email from the EverQuest folk saying they'd like me to come back. With it, if I remember correctly (and I'm pretty sure I told Matt, so perhaps he remembers), they offered to give me a free month's worth of playtime to boot.

That's pretty impressive. It's good customer service, and if I'd merely not enjoyed the game, I certainly would have come back for at least the month. What more can you ask for if you've got EQ stock? If it's good enough, I'm once again reduced to a revenue stream. Great promotion.

So I haven't played WoW in a while. Here's their "it's been a while; we sure miss you" pitch.

Blizzard Entertainment proudly invites you to return to the World of Warcraft on January 16th and journey beyond the Dark Portal, where an infinity of new experiences await you. Given the high volume of returning subscribers we expect when The Burning Crusadeâ„¢ expansion goes live, if you are planning a return to Azeroth, we recommend reactivating your account as soon as possible in order to avoid the expected rush of launch-day activations.

That gives me another type of nausea. Their only argument is that they're admitting they won't be prepared enough to handle new players later this month? I'm supposed to come back so that I save time re-registering?! Just a guess, but I'm betting the servers will be nicely queued too, then.

Not only is there no discount, I've now learned my "launch-day" play experience will likely stink.

Thanks WoW. My Druid's probably sitting this one out.

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--ruffin at 19:05
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Yeah. Their wording annoyed me. They "proudly" invite me? Why? It's just too smug for my tastes, but whatever.

By Blogger Mordrak, at 11 January, 2007 23:16  

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