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06 January 2007
Videogame Shopping T-Shirt
To go along with the recent new comments on an old post, I present: The Videogame Shopping T-Shirt.
--Matt Matthews at 23:37
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Thank you. Now I don't have to talk to the gamestop dorks.

By Blogger Bigelow, at 07 January, 2007 04:32  

You forgot "buy strategy guides". Otherwise, very cool shirt.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 January, 2007 13:27  

Hrm, where's the "Need no reminder of 2 for 1 deals"?!

By Blogger rufbo, at 07 January, 2007 13:39  

Ruffin: I wanted it simple, scannable in 3 seconds, and my logo writing abilities weren't up to making that fit.

I did consider something along the lines of:

I do not: preorder, sell my games, or buy warranties.
I do: know my interests, read sales signs, and repeatedly buy from non-annoying salespersons.

But, as I said, I wanted short.

By Blogger jvm, at 07 January, 2007 14:14  

I was at a bar. I was proudly wearing my brand new Videogame Shopping t-shirt. I started to play darts and somebody said he didn't like my t-shirt. I told him to stick it, because this shirt means so much to me. Well he beat the tar out of me. He cracked a pool cue over my head and then he physically removed the shirt from my body. Then he started pouring high proof liquor all over it and started it on fire. He told me (after kicking me in the ribs two times) that if I ever wore a shirt like that again, he'd burn it with me wearing it. Thanks a lot. I had to have my spleen removed all because of this t-shirt.

By Anonymous mateo suge, at 08 January, 2007 16:10  

So this guy didn't like the color of your t-shirt, eh? That's a shame. Buy another and dye it green.

By Blogger jvm, at 08 January, 2007 18:34  

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