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29 January 2007
A tiny defense of EB Games employees
I'll play against expectations for a bit and say that my one experience with Xbox-on-Xbox-360 compatibility in an EB Games was pretty good. Apparently the guy in this short story about an EB Games visit wasn't so lucky.

I was looking over the GameCube games when I heard an employee helping a woman standing in front of the Xbox games. I heard him say something about backward compatibility and how you could tell from looking at the boxes. That seemed strange, so I walked over and asked if he could tell me what he told the lady. He pointed to a BC printed on the price stickers for some Xbox games. According to him, that BC means that the Xbox game is compatible on the Xbox 360 according to Microsoft's official list. He further explained that if the compatibility list were updated, the price tags were not reprinted, so if I had a question about a particular game I could always ask or check Microsoft's site.

So, no, they're not all bad. But still, the story linked above is entirely believable because I've seen employees with a similarly loose understanding of reality.

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--Matt Matthews at 08:50
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Actually, from a discussion I had with a GS employee, the tags ARE reprinted, just not immediately. So if they release an update, it might be a few weeks or so before the newly BC titles get marked accordingly at GS.

By Blogger Jeremy, at 29 January, 2007 13:52  

Whenever I go into a Gamestop or EB, I always listen to see if they'll tell some unknowing customer the completely wrong thing about a console or a game. If you work there, you should know the product and be able to give customers the right information (even though it may disagree with your bias), though that's not always the case.

By Blogger Bigelow, at 29 January, 2007 14:01  

bigelow, I've certainly seen some of that. The most recent example was when they were telling some older british ladies that the DS, while not region locked, was different because of PAL in europe.

PAL on a handheld. Yeah.

Sure, you may need a power adapter, but that's the ONLY difference AFAIK. I know for damn sure that there isn't any PAL or NTSC on handhelds.

By Blogger Jeremy, at 29 January, 2007 16:08  

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