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17 January 2007
Rhino Redeemed
I've given zealous Rhino Games employees a hard time in the past, so it's only fair that when I have a particularly good experience that I should write about it. Regrettably, Rhino will soon be no more, as it's getting absorbed into the EB Games/GameStop collective.

Which is, in part, why I was at Rhino Games in the first place. They've got all their older stuff on clearance: NES, Genesis, SNES, N64, Dreamcast, and PSOne. Note that the prices aren't as nice as that link would have you believe. And some games that aren't in the GameStop system are considered to be priced at the last Rhino sticker price. Which means that I still don't own Bubble Bobble for the PSOne. Stupid $40 price tag.

Anyway, as I'm walking around the store just seeing what's on the shelves the employees announce to everyone in the store that the clearance sale is in effect. Moreover, they encourage us to just bring stuff to the counter to find the real prices. Now that's the kind of attention I can appreciate.

So I took about a dozen games up to the counter and they dutifully went through the computer to find the prices for me. (If the price was in the computer system. Grumble Bobble.) They apologized for the length of time it took them to find the prices, but I was in no hurry, so we just chatted about the move. Apparently they're still getting used to the GameStop computer system that's been foisted on them, so checking everyone out today was a chore. They'll use that system all this week and next Monday they'll officially get a training session. Nice.

I ended up only selecting four of the games after I saw the prices, most of which were reduced but not cheapskate-level. Of those four games one wasn't actually in stock once they looked for it in the back. Then I declined to buy one of the remaining three which appeared to have been mistaken for a sanding disc. (Where do people put their games to make them look like that? Seriously.) So I ended up with a $3 game and a $4 game (both with manuals and pristine discs), but they rang up as a $4 total, due to some unexpected buy-one-get-one-free deal. Them employees were a bit surprised to see that -- apparently it had been ringing up buy-two-get-one free earlier.

While I'm standing there checking out the guy next to me is buying a Dreamcast. It rings up as $15, so I ask if they have any more and the guy brings me two complete systems which I also buy. I'm hoping one of them plays homebrew code so Ruffin can finally try it out. Regardless, I thought it was a pretty good haul for the day.

Thanks, Rhino guys. Hope the the new bosses work out for you.

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--Matt Matthews at 22:08
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To the best of my knowledge, all Dreamcasts run homebrew code burnt onto CD-Rs, but the system might not like certain brands (and/or speeds?) of disk.

By Blogger JohnH, at 18 January, 2007 13:13  

Well, I burned a few discs for Ruffin a while back and they didn't work. We know for a fact that a disc that I made that runs on my system will not run on his. My recollection was that Ruffin also burned his own disc(s) and never got any of them to run.

By Blogger jvm, at 18 January, 2007 13:46  

You could probably get $40 worth of entertainment out of the old the PS1 Bubble Bobble/Rainbow Islands game. I know I did. Bubble Bobble is one of those games that even non-gamers will try out and play.

--The Eidolon

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 January, 2007 20:28  

Eidolon: Well, the fact is that I still have the Saturn version of that same release on loan from Ruffin, and a bunch of different versions of it on other platforms, so I don't *need* another version. I'd like to own that version permanently in my library but $40 isn't in my collection budget.

By Blogger jvm, at 19 January, 2007 21:02  

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