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30 January 2007
Disheartening obsession with violence
The videogame scene is exciting to watch most of the time. The endless cheerleading is infectious, and occasionally even somewhat warranted. On the other hand, it produces the videos linked to in (WARNING!) this NeoGAF post. You know that your morbid sense of curiosity will get the better of you, but don't feel bad about stopping watching after only a few seconds.

The post itself is harmless. The videos, on the other hand, are distressingly concentrated, brutal, heartless violence. I'm still scarred from playing Manhunt and the video there brought back the feeling that I need to wash off the ick with a blisteringly hot shower. The video of The Punisher is even worse.

I keep thinking: that polygonal man was some polygonal woman's son, and how would she feel seeing her little texture-mapped boy heartlessly cut up into piles of red polyhedra? Or something like that.


--Matt Matthews at 20:58
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I have been playing the original Splatterhouse the past few days, and the game is flat out gross. It wouldn't surprise me if the development team @ Namco who made Splatterhouse got strange looks around the office from their co-workers.

The worst part of the game are these limbless enemies that fall from the ceiling. They are so easy to kill, so you can tell they were added just to gross the player out. Once you hit them, their guts spill out in this green goo.

The backgrounds have all manner of vile torture and it makes you feel like you are in some layer of Hell.

I just brought this up because that game seems a lot worse then Gears of War and Manhunt. Although I have not played either of those games, so it is possible that they are just as or even more violent.

I will say that the Punisher game is awful. It doesn't feel very special at all, so whatever perks the violence could have added are wasted.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 January, 2007 02:51  

Splat on the TG16 was pretty gross.

Everything had the consistency of rotten potatoes when you swatted it with a 2by4.

But I think the game perfectly conveyed the slasher movie vibe that it was going for. A real accomplishment for mere 16 bit graphics (and 8 bit AI).

By Blogger Jeremy, at 31 January, 2007 06:31  

I took a survey yesterday on game violence in survival/horror games; I felt like a sociopath when weighing my responses:

New Video Game Study: The Horror!

By Anonymous Crusader, at 01 February, 2007 10:24  

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