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23 January 2007
Curmudgeon Gamer Library on display
This past weekend I finally put the Curmudgeon Gamer library into shape along with a comfortable place to play my consoles. I took some pictures to share. Click the picture below to see all the pictures or click on this link.

Curmudgeon Gamer Library

Yes, that is a 13" Commodore 2002 monitor. Stop snickering. I hope to have a nice TV down here sometime, but when you're sitting four feet away that screen looks huge! Huge I tell you!
--Matt Matthews at 21:27
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Win for Monster Rancher 3.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 January, 2007 22:00  

I saw beyond good and evil in there somewhere, you're good to go.

By Blogger Bigelow, at 24 January, 2007 02:27  

Why aren't you using Flickr.

By Anonymous Crusader, at 24 January, 2007 09:32  

Crusader: Because I already have a service for photos. Why get another?

By Blogger jvm, at 24 January, 2007 11:00  

Oh man, s/atari cartridges/transformers/ and you are Marv. Good job there, NERD.

By Blogger Michael, at 24 January, 2007 19:14  

Michael: Yeah, I'm the nerd. Whatever, dude. I've seen pictures of your systems.

By Blogger jvm, at 24 January, 2007 19:53  

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