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05 December 2006
Well, thanks a lot, Mr. Jvm.
Sure, I'm about a month and a half late to this party, but today I learned that " [is] Out of Business due to Multiple Sony Lawsuits".

Me, I blame this, regardless of any potential anachronistic-ness, on Matt's revelation that many pirated Game Boy carts were coming from the Asian market, on the number of pirated carts he himself has ordered and linked to said market, and his past affinity for ordering from lik-sang. We all know that these strange, fringe folk pirating Game Boy carts tend to congregate around grey market dealers like lik-sang, and one might also notice jvm's recent pimps of as a sign that he's continuing his ways. He may have moved on, but those of us who loved and rejoiced in the magic cyberspace that was lik-sang have not.

I'm upset that this likely means I'll never get my long coveted Game Boy Advance [audioless!] player/adapter for the N64, which means one less console for me to play those wonderfully unlicensed, perfect blackmarket copies of gba games we all know, have purchased from EB thinking they are the real thing, and love.

Thanks, Mr. Jvm. Might as well kiss play-asia goodbye too, I suppose.


--ruffin at 12:39
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I could be wrong, but I don't think I ever ordered anything from Lik-Sang. I considered it, but all importing has been through eBay (bad experiences) and Play-Asia (good experiences) and individual sellers (Famicom/NES adaptor and at least one game that Bob bought for me from Amazon UK).

By Blogger jvm, at 05 December, 2006 14:50  

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By Blogger Jeremy, at 06 December, 2006 14:38  

You can get a GBA player for GameCube.

Or, the DS plays GBA games just fine.

I've been a long-time importer. I used to buy PC Engine games from individual mailing list sellers or over usenet. In the Saturn games, my main suppliers were (now sadly defunct), NCSX, and ... there were a couple others, but I think they're gone (they had prices that were too high for sure).

I got my Japan launch DC from NCSX along with a boatload of software that made for lots of dorm lobby fun.

I bought an import GBA at or near launch as well, when I was in Albuquerque (there are a few shops down there that import), I picked up Mr. Driller 2, which was awesome. Never got much more use out of the system for some reason.

I think the DS is going to get more use. These days I commute via transit, so that gives me time for portable gaming that I didn't have back when I was living in Chicago.

I have a couple asia-market 360 games from play-asia. Other than the price disparity, there's not a lot of reason to import Xbox or 360 games though...most of the best releases are out here first or soon after (or in the case of RPGs, soon enough after to wait).

By Blogger Jeremy, at 06 December, 2006 14:44  

jeremy: Sorry, this was mainly a joke post since the posts had been slow in coming -- and I'd just discovered lik-sang had closed. They really did have an adapter for the N64 which, iirc, essentially had a GBA emulator inside (apparently acted with some of the same issues as a known emu) and simply put the video out to the N64 without sound.

Now *that's* a cool piece of hardware. Wish I could dig that back up, but now that lik-sang's gone...

Other than that, I just thought I'd take the opprotunity to goose Matt for all the blackmarket games he'd scored from overseas eBayers.

By Blogger rufbo, at 06 December, 2006 22:51  

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