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26 December 2006
A Gaming Father's Xmas Day
Here's how I spent my quality time with Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops on Christmas day.
  1. Wake up.
  2. Open presents.
  3. Cheer at receiving Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops for my PSP
  4. Assemble toys for the kids
  5. Play with toys
  6. Cook pancakes for brunch
  7. Eat pancakes
  8. Clean while kids and wife sleep
  9. Play with more toys when everyone wakes up
  10. Steal 10 minutes with Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops -- 2 minutes to get started, 5 minutes of cut scene, 2 minutes of moving around, 1 more minute of cut scene
  11. Cook turkey for big supper
  12. Make chocolate pie
  13. Eat big supper
  14. Bathtime for kids
  15. Take kids around neighborhood to see lights and decorations
  16. Pie time
  17. Bedtime for kids
  18. Clean kitchen
  19. Pack for travel next day
  20. Sleep
That's some serious quality gaming time.


--Matt Matthews at 20:59
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Comments on this post:

If you don't define "gaming" as videogaming on the PSP, then it is respectable gaming time. Playing with toys, playing with toys again, taking the kids to see the light...

By Anonymous Baines, at 27 December, 2006 01:20  

If you want some more free time, I'll take lunch and dinner for you. It's the least I could do.

By Blogger Bigelow, at 27 December, 2006 03:08  

Baines: The really fun game was the 24 hours before when one of the boys was sick and mostly unable to keep any food or liquid down. Talk about gripping! Instead of up late wrapping presents on Christmas Eve into Christmas Morning, I was up fretting about whether to let him sleep the night through without more water. (Answer: Yes.)

As it turns out, he cheated the system and got himself up in the middle of the night and drank a cup of water without telling us. When he told me the next morning, I knew he was truly on the mend. :^)

Bigelow: I'm unable to remember what real free time feels like. Perhaps best that I remain that way. Thanks, though.


In all seriousness, it was a great Christmas Day. With the sick one well again, we all enjoyed a day free of stress. So, yes, a successful day of gaming.

By Blogger jvm, at 27 December, 2006 04:05  

You'll still probably beat it before I do - I'm taking waaay too much time fiddling with my squad rosters every machine and running around with the WAP scanner.

By Anonymous Crusader, at 27 December, 2006 11:20  

Err... every mission that is.

By Anonymous Crusader, at 27 December, 2006 11:21  

5 minutes of cut scene, 2 minutes of moving around

FIVE TUPPING MINUTES of cutscene?! You people are insane.


By Blogger Michael, at 02 January, 2007 17:50  

Sad, but true. I did get some decent play after that, but then I'm in the middle of some cut scenes now that I've reached the radio.

By Blogger jvm, at 02 January, 2007 18:10  

I see that Konami and Sony are continuing to bring us the highest quality of pick up and play mobile entertainment.

By Blogger Jeremy, at 03 January, 2007 13:04  

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