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02 November 2006
Pimpin' Love's Labours
When a game's good, I don't feel so badly about not giving it the usual curmudgeoning. LairWare's Mac Classic port of Ultima III is one of those games. If I recall correctly, Beastie (the porter's handle) got the rights to the port by sending Lord British some beer. Need to dig up that email again before I start a rumor, I suppose.

A beta is available for OS X now, and is worth a quick look if you're old enough to remember having enjoyed the game. This one, like its Classic predecessor, is in full (as in 256 or so AT ONCE) color, and includes the same Stephen Hawking style voices that Classic version had. Worth downloading just to rehear the music. Almost as nostalgia-producing as hearing Space Invader sounds and visualizing yourself back in a pre-NARC arcade.

In any event, it's a neat -- and high quality -- labor of love ("labour" for Lord British, I suppose) that I'll argue deserves your [$15 worth o'] dough if you're an RPG lover and Mac user.

(Seems like there's some way to bomb Lord British with a boat in the moat... why is it that his destruction is always one of the first subversive tasks players take on in these games?!)
--ruffin at 19:11
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