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07 November 2006
One of these things is not like the other
Ah, yes, that immortal Genesis game ... Virtua Fighter 2? Of course that deserves most of the space on the cover of Sega Genesis Collection for PSP! People can barely remember Sonic, after all.

True story: Ruffin and I rented Virtua Fighter 2 for the Genesis way back when. I think it went back early.
--Matt Matthews at 14:42
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Well, that wasn't because VF2 stunk (it's not too bad; I've broken a controller on Lau vs. Kage), but because VF2 on Genesis did not have fancy extra chip a la Virtua Racer or the 32X, but was in a very poorly done 2D copy, Street Fighter style (but without the Street Fighter cartoonesque, super-fast action style).

Horrible use of the license, and well below my expectations for Sega. I would hope a PSP version would be much better.

By Blogger rufbo, at 08 November, 2006 13:08  

Matt has shown me that this is, in fact, a Genesis VF2 port, as the name of the game would obviously imply. I'm still in shock, and won't fault my initial post for not believing for a second that this is really Genny VF2 again.

Perhaps this is a good time to revive the 32X VF1, quickly, before too many discs are purchased. That, and, of course, Star Wars for that system. "Destroy... all... enemy... fighters." "Admiral, you've having another fit of the palsy! Get down!"

By Blogger rufbo, at 08 November, 2006 13:20  

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