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07 November 2006
Hilarious: EA the bald eagle
From EA profile on Next-Gen:
A few months ago, some of the people who make this website had a 'feature ideas' meeting during which agreeably workable ideas were winnowed from spectacularly poor ones. One of the latter, which I have yet to completely disavow, was 'If Game Publishers Were Animals'. (A wave of crimson shame has just rolled over me; but still, I can't let it go.)

Anyway, during that meeting it was generally agreed that Electronic Arts would be the American Eagle, emblem of this nation. The parallels are entertaining (with the country, more than with the bird; now you begin to see the tenuous nature of the 'animals' notion).
Oh man. I so needed that break from mid-term election coverage. Let it go, man, let it go!

Of course, he probably means the bald eagle (i.e. the bird, not the symbol), a bird of prey that also happens to feed on carrion.
--Matt Matthews at 10:33
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Feeds on carrion, and then craps on you as you shake your fist from below.

By Blogger BruceC, at 07 November, 2006 16:18  

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