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31 October 2006
How to give me a GNU/Aneurysm
From an Extreme Tech article on the plight of GNU/Linux gamers:
Nobody is a bigger critic of Microsoft than me, but if you're a Linux gamer, it's time to go buy a copy of Windows.
Idiot! That's a great plan. Here's what the author was really thinking: "The key to enjoying and supporting gaming on GNU/Linux is...ah, screw it, look at those SHINY NEW WINDOWS VISTA BOXES!"

I'm all for honest assessments of the state of GNU/Linux gaming, but any article that doesn't mention native versions of Unreal Tournament, Doom 3, Quake 4, Darwinia, and many other games (see TuxGames for an exhaustive list) isn't worth a pitcher of warm spit. And the misguided focus on WINE-based gaming...ARGH!


--Matt Matthews at 16:52
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ARGH is right. I find it terribly annoying that people think that Cedega/Wine IS gaming on Linux-based systems, or that providing a server is good enough to "support the cause".

If I have to choose between Half-Life 2 and Doom 3, I am going to have to go with Doom 3. It's just less of a hassle for me.

I doubt I will see Supreme Commander on Gnu/Linux as anything more than a server, but why should I buy a copy of it and hope that Wine works when I can play any of the natively available games?

And there are quite a few indie games available as well. Garage Games sells a few, and I've had fun beta testing the newly released Dirk Dashing.

No, I'm not playing FEAR or any number of new games, but I am having fun.

A pitcher of warm spit? Ew.

By Anonymous GBGames, at 01 November, 2006 00:24  

My favorite red-headed stepchild Linux is visiting again. We tried to feed him at the table, but he wouldn't come out of the corner because he's so used to being fed with a slingshot.

By Blogger Neuraljazz, at 02 November, 2006 12:11  

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