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09 October 2006
Best popular music in a game
I've been relatively disconnected from the outside world for a week, so I have nothing on any recent events.

Meanwhile, the best use of popular music in a game is "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones in Twisted Metal Black. Really brilliant.
--Matt Matthews at 11:44
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Wasn't "Paint it Black" used in some other PS2 game after Twisted Metal? I'm thinking it was some war game but I'm not sure.

By Blogger n0wak, at 10 October, 2006 20:53  

Ah, that might be. A quick search of MobyGames didn't turn anything up, however.

By Blogger jvm, at 10 October, 2006 21:33  

I'm actually really happy with the music in Burnout:whatever for the 360, and Burnout Legends for the PSP. It is generally above average.

By Blogger Zachary, at 12 October, 2006 03:32  

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