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28 September 2006
Tomb Raider: 11th Anniversary Edition
According to Tomb Raider Chronicles we won't be seeing Tomb Raider: 10th 11th Anniversary Edition until the "second half of the 2007 financial year". If their financial year ended 30 June 2006 we won't get this game until Spring or later, which is well into Tomb Raider's 11th year.

From the outside, it is difficult to discern what really happened, but I'd speculate that when someone leaked the Core Design trailer of their version of TR10AE back in June 2006, it set the current (different) project, headed by Crystal Dynamics, back at least six months. In brief, the trailer was too true to the original and the Crystal Dynamics remake took too many liberties with the source material.

Mind you, no one has seen anything of the Crystal Dynamics work, at least no one we know of outside of Eidos/SCi and Crystal Dynamics. If we presume, for now, that Crystal Dynamics was going to use the Tomb Raider: Legend engine as the basis for their remake of Tomb Raider, then it would probably have been significantly different from the original, simply because movement in TR:L is so dramatically different from that in the original game. What today's uncultured videogame pundits call the "unforgiving" or "clunky" controls of the original Tomb Raider are actually well-suited to that game's puzzles and levels. Loosely speaking, in TR:L the game is more forgiving and certain parts are designed specifically to take control of fine actions away from the player, for the sake of making things move a little more smoothly for Average Joe Gamer. If you change the controls, then you change the game. If you change the game, then you'll have to change the levels. The result cannot be Tomb Raider.

I'm dying to see just what Crystal Dynamics manages to make. My guess is that they're working to adapt their game to fit the expectations set by the trailer. Unfortunately for them, they now have to work harder than before and the results will always be compared to a trailer for a game that no one else will ever play.
--Matt Matthews at 11:51
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