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23 September 2006
Sony's best showing so far
I downloaded a whole pile of trailers to watch, and I finally saw two games that make me a tiny bit excited for Sony's post-PlayStation 2 era: Resistance: Fall of Man for the PlayStation 3 and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops for the PlayStation Portable.

Resistance presents an alternate history of the mid-twentieth century in which a horde of malevolent creatures -- mutants or aliens, not sure which -- stream out of Russia and across Europe. The Brits make a fight of it on their island nation, and the player appears to assume the now-familiar first-person shooter role of savior super-soldier.

From what I've seen, the game mixes parts of Doom 3's scary corridor crawling with wide-open squad-based combat through urban landscapes, providing the player with both conventional and alien weaponry. Other than looking very sharp, I think what attracts me to this game is the apocalyptic theme. This isn't aliens on Mars. This isn't just a Black Mesa incident. This is the end of humanity. Perhaps it's the uncertainty I feel about the times I live in, but I'm ready to go toe-to-toe with some clearly marked bad guys, plug some nasty, fang-lined pie holes with well-placed explosive rounds, and save the world along the way.

Oh, and the trailer features an air raid siren. As a recovering Silent Hill player, air raid sirens still make me clench up in fear.

The other promising game is Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. I'm still not sure how this will be played, precisely, but as long as it's not Metal Gear Acid, I'm willing to give it a look. What really attracts me is that the storyline appears to fill in a key era in the Metal Gear timeline: what happens to Big Boss after Metal Gear Solid 3 but before the events in the first Metal Gear. If you're familiar at all with the Metal Gear stories and characters, you'll be intrigued by the likes of Roy Campbell's first meeting with Big Boss. Putting a piece of the Metal Gear canon on the PSP is sure to sell systems to Metal Gear fans who don't yet have that handheld system.

The only thing left to do is make the game play as well as the trailer looks.

Resistance: Fall of Man trailer on YouTube.

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops trailer on YouTube.
--Matt Matthews at 21:43
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Personally, I'm most excited about Level 5's next JRPG, "White Knight":

By Blogger Dan-o, at 24 September, 2006 13:53  

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