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27 September 2006
Orbital (GBA) and Play-Asia
After Baines pointed out Soundvoyager, an aural game in the Japan-only bit Generations line for the Game Boy Advance, Ruffin and I went ahead and imported it along with another bit Generations game, Orbital. Two points:
  1. I have purchased from Play-Asia three times now and I have been very pleased each time. The merchandise I've received has been in great condition and has arrived quickly. I recommend them based on that experience. If my opinion changes with future purchases, I'll say so.
  2. Orbital is enjoyable. You play a moving mass in a field of other masses, each of which can affect your motion as if by gravity. Your two actions are to increase the attraction to other masses or to emit a repelling force. Through this primitive mode of navigation you can collide with and consume masses smaller than yourself, enter an orbit about larger masses, collide with larger masses and lose a life, and ultimately attract satellites of your own. The thirty levels offer increasingly complex systems of masses. As promised by the minimalist theme of the bit Generations line of games, it's simple and elegant with mostly circles for graphics. I find Orbital to be challenging and relaxing at the same time.
That is all.
--Matt Matthews at 16:40
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I've been looking to get some of the BitGenerations titles for some time now. One of my local import stores in Seattle has a few, and I was thinking about it, but then I heard rumblings that they'll be coming to the US anyway.

It's nice to hear that minimalist games like Orbital and the rest in the series can be fun, if not more fun than some of the current console games.

Do you always import using Play-Asia? I've been thinking about ordering from Lik-Sang, but they seem the same to me.

By Blogger Bigelow, at 27 September, 2006 19:27  

Unless they're super-cheap when they're released in North America, I don't see any good reason not to import. The packaging in Japan is special and I just know they'd foul it up here.

The only other imports I've gotten have been through eBay (JP) and friends (UK and EU). I've been burned enough times with dodgy GBA carts on eBay that I'm going to go with an actual retail outfit as much as I can. Everything from Play-Asia appears to be the real deal, not HK pirates. (Of course, GameStop has shown itself to be less than trustworthy with used GBA games, so you can only trust retail so far...)

By Blogger jvm, at 27 September, 2006 19:36  

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