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04 September 2006
New Yorker puts PlayStation 3 on cover!
My wife brought me the latest New Yorker magazine (dated Sept. 4, 2006) while I was waiting for my CT scan on Friday, and I was amused by the cover. The cartoon shows a kid walking to school and a color map of the various sections of his brain. Nestled alongside Algebra (yay, Math!) and Manga and Scarlett Johansson are PS3 (i.e. PlayStation 3) and Counter-Strike. Here is the relevant part of the image, since I couldn't find the cover online anywhere:

I hope that's within the bounds of fair use for the New Yorker folks.

Further on in the magazine (p. 74) is a cartoon featuring a Game Boy Advance (not the SP). To show it here would be to give away the joke, so you'll have to hunt down your own copy.

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--Matt Matthews at 14:51
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I'll agree with Scarlett Johansson, and that's all I'm gonna say :]

By Blogger Bigelow, at 04 September, 2006 23:02  

There are others who would argue that the boy on the cover is an elementary school student at that cool downtown public school, PS 3, in the Village.

He's got his school backpack on, he's got a lot on his mind (including algebra), and his school is certainly going to be on his mind.

After all, I think that given all the delays and the high price estimates for Playstation 3, the kid would not be devoting so much of his mindspace to the Playstation at this time...

Obviously, the New Yorker covers are super local... very New York puns, etc. It seems that the original blogger is a great gaming afficionado, but not necessarily a New York native...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 September, 2006 20:47  

Well, he's still thinking Counter Strike.

Scarlett? Hrm. After /The Island/, I thought she was beautiful. After /Match Point/, the novelty began to wear off. Beautiful, but not nearly so captivating.

This does make me wonder how many elementary school students would have Johansson on the brain over Hillary Duff or someone like that. Guess that's more Village-ige.

By Blogger rufbo, at 07 September, 2006 22:34  

Anon: Ah, a good explanation. I am not quite sure that, as Ruffin says, Scarlett would be on his mind in elementary school.

Since the full cover isn't shown here, YouTube, video iPod, Family Guy, and MySpace.

Those strike me as a bit more middle school, but then I'm not from New York, as you surmised. Certainly the video iPod is already a somewhat expensive $300 accessory, so is a $500 PlayStation 3 really that much more of a stretch? Just asking.

By Blogger jvm, at 07 September, 2006 22:57  

Ok, list got truncated in last comment. Here it is...again.

Counter-strike, Manga, Algebra, Snoop Dogg, Scarlett Johansson, PS3, Jessica Alba, AIM, Family Guy, YouTube, Video iPod, and MySpace.

By Blogger jvm, at 08 September, 2006 00:49  

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