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07 September 2006
Max Payne, Revisited
I ran into a nice used copy of Max Payne (the first) for the PlayStation 2 and added it to my library for a mere $3 plus tax. I just finished replaying the first part (out of three). It sure hasn't aged very well.

Compared to, say, Black on the same hardware, this game looks positively ancient. Levels are broken into tiny pieces with frequent load times. The models are chunky but with high resolution textures pasted onto the wide, flat surfaces, giving the whole thing a rather surreal appearance. The same half dozen thugs populate every other room and they are all predictably poor shots, especially in the face of bullet time. Having played Max Payne 2, it's also clear that the original bullet time was only half-baked; the formulation in the sequel was much more satisfying. There are some icky platform sections which require moving across tiny beams with feet that slide as if on ice. And the writing...if I have to listen to one more tortured metaphor tangled in a simile delivered in the same gravelly monotone...

Fortunately, I'm filing this one in the library permanently. It's still just as bad now as it was way back when.
--Matt Matthews at 02:19
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Have I mentioned recently that Black is an awesome, under-acclaimed game?

By Blogger Zachary, at 07 September, 2006 02:46  

I never understood why Max Payne was so popular. I played about half way through on the PC version. Based on, the PC version is better than the PS2, but I still hated it.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 September, 2006 13:32  

I have yet to play a Max Payne game. Is there something I'm missing?

By Blogger Bigelow, at 07 September, 2006 23:08  

Max Payne 1/2 are fun for a few reasons. You'll either like them or you won't. I enjoyed both so much that I played through them several times....
In Windows...

By Blogger Zachary, at 08 September, 2006 00:39  

Max Payne is useful mainly to make Max Payne 2 look better. You won't miss anything by skipping the first Max Payne.

Bullet time in Max Payne 2 is fun for about an hour. If it weren't for the technical flaws (load times, nasty textures, audio bugs) the PlayStation 2 version would be a decent choice, but if you can go with Windows or Xbox, you'll find it a better experience.

Oh, and there is the hot, Hot, HOT shower scene with Mona Sax in Max Payne 2. Nothing says sexy like low resolution, 16-bit textures that would be right at home on a Voodoo 2.

By Blogger jvm, at 08 September, 2006 00:47  

Max Payne 1 is worth playing in my opinion.

By Blogger Zachary, at 08 September, 2006 02:03  

Zachary, your opinion is so muddled as to be useless. But, it is fun to read your self-contradictory babble.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 September, 2006 07:43  

Max Payne 2 was probably my favourite PC game in a while. In both, the plot was awesome and you actually saw the character grow. The cut scenes and comic strip was ingenious and definitely added to the film noir effect. Wonderful games. Also based on 3D Mark 2001 engine, for those who didn't know.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 October, 2006 02:17  

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