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02 September 2006
Appendicitis Sucks
That is all.
--Matt Matthews at 14:56
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I knew a guy who had appendicitis once who finished competing in a swim meet before going to the doctor. I don't wanna hear no whinin'. That ain't kwality karacter.

By Blogger rufbo, at 02 September, 2006 17:29  

True, I'm a wuss. In fact, when aforesaid athlete couldn't stop complaining, I got fed up. So tired of the noise, I recall, that I insisted that he get help, and I even drove him to the doctor -- and then the hospital -- just to get him to be quiet!

Once a wuss, always a wuss.

By Blogger jvm, at 02 September, 2006 18:42  

Appendicitis, isn't that the new Koei release/ How are the graphics? What about replay value?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 September, 2006 20:57  

Graphics...well, the "screenshots" the surgeon took show a scary amount of detail. Replay value is pretty poor, although I'll have memories to share for years to come.

I will say that the tactile feedback is an incredible experience. Dual Shock indeed.

By Blogger jvm, at 02 September, 2006 21:19  

Oh man, appendicitis sucks, I had it in High School. The doctor told me I was only hours away from bursting. Can you at least walk/play games?

By Blogger Bigelow, at 03 September, 2006 14:20  

I can play games. I've gotten a few minutes with the PSP and a few with the GBA, but the PS2 so far sits idle. I hope to get time with the PS2 tonight, though.

By Blogger jvm, at 03 September, 2006 16:38  

I had that happen to me in february last year =\

funny thing was, my hair was coloured bright bright blue at the time.

i stained so many pillow cases it's not even funny.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 September, 2006 14:50  

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