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25 August 2006
Wire and duct tape
What in the world is going on in these "newspaper" photos? I like Floating Favre the best, I think.

Brett Favre in the air thanks to a Madden 2007 in-game newspaper
Another crazy picture from Madden 2007
A final crazy picture from Madden 2007

So far, I've got to say the quality of Madden's interfaces, both looks and intuitivity, is pretty low. I wonder if other versions of the game are as bad. Perhaps more a game journal post than cg blog, but I hoped some readers might enjoy the shots.
--ruffin at 21:39
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That's the PC version right? I bet the console versions aren't that far off, I've heard they are a bit lackluster.

I've never liked the way EA does the "extras" in the game. People buy the game to play football, to trade players, and to own franchises, not to read virtual newspapers about insignificant in-game accomplishments, or to listen to the crappy EA radio.

By Blogger Bigelow, at 26 August, 2006 02:42  

I have the 360 version actually. Couldn't help myself, 47 bucks for a 360 game is too good to pass up. Anyway, I actually enjoyed madden. I think it is the first madden I ever bought.

Not the first football game, but the first Madden anyway. Framerate is terrible, graphics aren't as good as they could be.

Though it is fun. Maybe not $60 fun, but still.

By Blogger Zachary, at 26 August, 2006 02:55  

Zachary said: "I have the 360 version actually. Couldn't help myself, 47 bucks for a 360 game is too good to pass up."

Holy cow. Someone actually thinks $47 for a game *on sale* is too good to pass up?

Microsoft wins.

By Blogger jvm, at 26 August, 2006 06:45  

bigelow: Yep, PC. The forced mouse usage I complained about commenting to another post is part of the horrible interface. Perhaps most aggravating is the use of "Done" and "Back" and "Exit" buttons which all look the same, but the first two interchage and move like crazy from screen to screen. Exit stays put, and convinces me to use it every so often to "go back" when I overlooked the moving Done or Back, but Exit quits the game (luckily after a "save?" warning).

Makes me think the supporting interface on the PC was made, well, let's say at great expense at the last moment. I can't imagine the consoles have something similar/shared.

jvm: Someone thinks $47 is a deal who also brought us this gem a few days ago:

Madden sucks, dude.

By Zachary, at 23/8/06 12:09

I'd say EA also wins. Circuit City, if they're making any dough on Maddens at $12 off, and I suspect they are (how the heck did they swing $12 off when everyone else charaged full price? Assuming Z~ got his from CC...), seems to be the third in the winning triumvirate. Still, $30 with tax seems pretty good (PC price) when others are paying out the wahzoo for the HoF edition on 360... Even here, $20 more is "a good deal" for those sucked in by the communist plot.

By Blogger rufbo, at 26 August, 2006 10:56  

JVM: Paying a more normal ($50ish) price is such a rare occurence :|

Yeah I got mine from Circuit City.
Yes Madden still sucks. It doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable like a bad film can be. I just saw snakes on a plane with a bunch of people from I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much without other people. So amusing movie + other people = hilarious movie.

I think there is a similar issue with Madden, though. I fully expect to play this game with other people and enjoy it more because of that.
Amusing game + other people = great time. Or so I'm thinking.

In any case, part of the reason I ever get jobs is because I play all of the games I can get my hands on.

Every interview in the game industry I've had has involved discussion about what games I play. The problems with them.

In those discussions there has always been this 800 pound gorilla of Madden. I couldn't say I'd played it; I hadn't.

Now I can say I've played it at least.

Hmm, that bit might make a nice post over at

By Blogger Zachary, at 26 August, 2006 13:05  

Here's what I recommend doing with "sucky" games I'd still like to try out: Rent them.

Free advice. ;^)

By Blogger rufbo, at 29 August, 2006 19:14  

rufbo said: "Here's what I recommend doing with 'sucky' games I'd still like to try out: Rent them."

There you go again. Taking food from the mouth of a game developer's child! ;^)

By Blogger jvm, at 29 August, 2006 19:52  

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