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03 August 2006
When a review fails to say what the game is...
GameCritics posted a review of the upcoming PSP game, LocoRoco, which never appears to say what LocoRoco actually is*. Here, go read for yourself. Am I wrong?

The author appears to assume that the reader has some existing understanding of the game, which I confess I really don't. So outside of the gushing about the soundtrack and cuteness, the review was kind of useless. I imagine other readers may have a similar problem.

Ah, but what about that Tomb Raider: Legend review I posted? As it turns out, I never actually explained just what that game is either. My defense, if I must put one forward, is that Tomb Raider is a generally understood game nowadays and, moreover, this is just a blog. I'm not trying to run a "big" news and review site here. My reviews don't get listed in GameRankings (since I don't assign scores). It's just a blog, for crying out loud!

Anyway, that said, I'll try to make sure I include at least one sentence explaining the game next time.


* Am I the only one who mentally hears Bill Clinton's voice saying "what the meaning of is is" when someone writes the word "is" with emphasis?
--Matt Matthews at 23:06
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I believe you are correct - I've the review and I'm just as terribly confused about the title as I was walking into it. It's some kind of platformer with decent music, decent controls and you collect something while splitting ....

No, no, now I'm more confused.

By Blogger Josh, at 09 August, 2006 23:34  

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