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20 August 2006
What gives with the price of Black?
Why hasn't Black, the gun-porn game from EA, dropped in price? Six months ago it was released at $40 and it's still at $40 today.

Back when EA announced they were going to put the game out at $40 instead of $50, even though they'd sunk a ton of money into its development, I wondered what they had in mind. Could it be, I thought at the time, that a game that sits at $40 for a long time will make more money than one that initially starts at $50 but then slowly drops after a couple of months?

All the folks who'd pay $50 to $40 of course have already bought the game, and probably bought it when it was released. A few who would like to pay closer to $30 will rationalize a buy, figuring it's an early deal, while others will snap up the used copies priced just below $40, keeping the market for used copies tight.

Then I'd guess there are a ton of folks, like me, who'd pick it up closer to $20 but can't stomach the $40 price for new (or $35 for used). Over time some of us will become impatient and eventually fork over for the game. This isn't entirely irrational, since experience has taught me that I can't rely on my memory to be vigilant for a good deal nor the market to provide such opportunities.

The question is how long will Black stay at $40? I really would have pegged it for a price drop about two months ago, but EA has stubbornly kept it high.

Anyone seen any NPD data specifically for Black?
--Matt Matthews at 23:47
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Please, don't come near Spain then. In the spanish market, console games ALWAYS remain the same price after launch until they are returned to the distributor or a new "platinum" edition replaces the old version. This is not the case with the PC game market, where prices fluctuate as expected.

I wonder if it is the same in the rest of the euro zone.

By Anonymous Paraninfo, at 29 August, 2006 05:23  

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