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21 August 2006
Robotron: 2084 with X-Arcade Dual, sorta...
Commenter adrian replied the other day to my comments on using an X-Arcade stick with Midway Arcade Treasures for Robotron: 2084:
The answer you seek might be in here :

Well, the answer was actually pretty simple, and I feel pretty dumb that I didn't think of it before -- just email X-Gaming themselves and ask!

Here's the reply I got:
Your Customer Care Case # is NNNN.

You cannot use the right joystick on the 2-player controller as the right analog on the PS2, no.

Unfortunately you cannot use the dual joysticks to play Robotron on that "Midway Arcade Treasures" for the PS2, because the controller options in the game does not let you configure it that way.

Robotron can be played directly on Midway's own website with a PC or Mac for free here:

You can also play dual joystick games on your PC/Mac with MAME:

Also with MAME on a modded XBOX or PS2 you could play dual joystick games: or

Midway's "Arcade's Greatest Hits" for the PSX (which works on the PS2 console also) has Robotron and does let you configure the game for the dual controllers. You can find it cheap at:

eBay: LINK

Ebgames pre-played: LINK

Amazon pre-played: LINK

Well, that's good and bad. I can't use the newest emulator, like the one in Midway Arcade Treasures, but I can use the one in Williams Arcade Classics (what they call Midway's "Arcade's Greatest Hits").

Regardless, simple solution and helpful support people. Definitely a few points in their favor, no?
--Matt Matthews at 18:42
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