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01 August 2006
Preview or pimp?
Okay, this "preview" of World of Warcraft, Burning Crusade is anything but. For many readers, this will be quickly obvious.

Previews are, in my book, free to be journaltisements, stories poorly masquerading as the products of journalism which advertise in-development games by creatively relating materials sanctioned, often even provided, by the development houses that are creating them. Fine. The journalism trick is fooling fewer and fewer, and the preview genre is approaching the point that we know exactly what we're getting even if we, as readers, aren't explicitly told. Enjoyable? Then read 'em.

This "preview" isn't even journaltisement! It's a summary of the coverage the WoW expansion has received from other sites, and, to be honest, any self-respecting undergraduate English student should be able to come up with something similar after visiting Blizzard's Burning Crusade for an hour or two, if that. And I've spared myself from lambasting the "news" site that linked me to this wonderful "preview." You're welcome.

Perhaps this should be seen as a sort of offering to the Blizzard gods. "We'll pimp you even if we don't have a relationship!" Problem is, the preview genre requires you at least *view* some sort of pre-release version, even if it's so buggy as to be unplayable, before gushing (gushing is growing to be another requirement, by the way).

It's bad when, to steal a favorite word of Matt's, gaming rags can't even be proper shills.
--ruffin at 14:09
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