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25 August 2006
NCAA 07, the next Chase the Chuckwagon?
Despite not really caring for football games, NCAA 07 for the PSP just got very interesting to my inner collector. Check it out (emphasis added):
Per my earlier communication, we have been working on a solution regarding the ball marking issue found in NCAA Football 07 for the PSP. If you are experiencing this issue, Electronic Arts can provide a replacement UMD disk for the one you currently own. Please send your current UMD (no packaging) to the following address:


Once the disk is received by the EA Customer Warranty team, please allow up to 10 business days to receive the replacement disk. As a thank you for you patience we will also include a coupon for use at the EA Store [snip]

Games like Chase the Chuck Wagon (a Purina dogfood promotional game for the Atari 2600) are rare precisely because you had to mail in to get them. The silver label version of Gravitar for the Atari 2600 was rare for similar reasons, except there you had to be part of an Atari club and receive it in the mail.

Could it be that NCAA 07 for the PSP is about to get a similar variation? I mean, we already know that low-run games are rare. Just look at how Final Fantasy Tactics or Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo were rare for the PSOne before they got a rerelease. Heck, Intelligent Qube's rarity is still driving people seeking an ISO to this very site.

In a decade we'll know, I guess. In the meantime, I'll be on the lookout for a used copy to send to EA...
--Matt Matthews at 10:49
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About time you bought a relatively up to date American football game. Let me know when you win the Heisman. ;^)

By Blogger rufbo, at 25 August, 2006 13:25  

Sorry for double-commenting, but it occurs to me that it's interesting that a disc replacement is the way EA is using to get out of the jam. That is, is there any way a fix (as it sounds like a few bit flags (maybe one?) are off) this through a firmware update? "The NCAA07 kludge"? Why aren't there better ways of fixing games? Why are we in the arena of Impossible Mission, C=64 again?

I bet this doesn't get solved in the same fashion on Xbox 360.

By Blogger rufbo, at 25 August, 2006 13:33  

Impossible Mission for Commodore 64? Did you mean Atari 7800? The C=64 version is finishable, AFAIK, but the North American version for the Atari 7800 has a bug. I used to own a European version, sealed, that I meant to try out a some point...

I don't know how the fixes are done. On the PS2 they somehow managed to fix games just through downloads to the memory card: see Everquest Online Adventures and SOCOM. I believe both of those games had updates that fixed relatively big issues, like online cheating and glitches (for SOCOM). The big chunks on the memory card had to be smaller than 8Mb, obviously. Also, remember that SOCOM 3 opened the door to storing levels (but not saves!) on USB drives plugged into the USB port on a PS2.

The PSP would at least have the advantage of a minimum of 32Mb (default card) storage for some big binary blob (of executable code, e.g.) that the UMD executable could look for and use.

Now, I should have pointed out that the rarity of this version of the game will be determined by two factors: whether they issue the new version in stores, and whether any such new version in stores is different from the one sent through the mail.

I'll admit that it would do me some good to play a game outside of my hermitage get a PSP and we'll play some wireless! ;^)

By Blogger jvm, at 25 August, 2006 13:48  

Madden has had a mail in corrected version before for the Xbox. It was the 2004 or 2005 version. I think 2005. There was some issue with it not recognizing imported rosters from NCAA football. All you had to do was mail in one of the pages from the instruction manual to get the updated version, so instead of buying the game I went to my local video store and 'borrowed' a page out of their manual. A month later I was playing Madden for free.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 September, 2006 20:40  

Anon: I can appreciate the "hack" angle of that, I suppose, but...ouch. :^(

By Blogger jvm, at 02 September, 2006 21:07  

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