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22 August 2006
Madden 2007 for $27, not.
<rant> is advertising $12 off of "selected Maddens", one of which is the WinPC version, which is advertised for $27.99. Add it to your cart, and you learn it's over $25, so you get free shipping!

Problem is, they won't ship it to me and tell me to change my zip code for more options. They still don't ship if my zip code is my own, the neighbor's, the one where I used to live, nowhere.

That's false advertising, right?</rant>

In any event, it's a blessing. I'll have to wait longer than the one-week free shipping time before my life goes to heck.
--ruffin at 05:06
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Madden sucks, dude.

By Blogger Zachary, at 23 August, 2006 12:09  

Umm... No, it doesn't...most of the time. Unfortunately, though, Madden is the only one-and-only option for fans of the NFL.

However, EA most certainly does suck, though and their exclusive deal with the NFL doesn't exactly get them to treat their customers any better. For example, they basically do nothing about fixing the game's bugs after a release and possibly a few patches, if you're lucky. They also don't give a rats ass about users of Mac OS X, much less Linux.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 August, 2006 15:18  

Not to mention the UI is horrible. Why can't I use my dual-analog stick USB pad and play as if I were on a console? The number of times a mouse is *required* is insane.

It's also about time I got a new video card. Why, combined with my game journal lament on framerates in GTA, I don't just play on my PS2, I have no idea. Ah, yes, it was supposed to be *cheaper* buying the WinPC version for $28 than PS2 for whatever it was.

Still, more fun than I need to be having right now.

By Blogger rufbo, at 24 August, 2006 18:23  

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