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20 August 2006
Library status
There is a new link over there on the right which takes you to the MobyGames list of all the games I have in my library . I've got a list of about 30 games which will have to be added to MobyGames before they can be added to my library, but that will take time as the MobyGames vetting process is reasonably careful. I've got pending entries for Racing Gears Advance (GBA), Trap Gunner (PSOne), I.Q. Mania (PSP), and Pinball Hall of Fame (PSP). Those were the easy ones on my list, and right I can't imagine how I'm ever going to get all the required information for a game like Blodia (GameBoy) which is downright obscure (and not a lot of fun, to boot).

During my recent travel I got two games on loan from my brother, cgm: Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel and Exit, both for the PSP. If things go well, I should have impressions of those posted eventually.
--Matt Matthews at 00:16
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Exit is great. Don't forget to download levels!

By Blogger Zachary, at 20 August, 2006 13:58  

exit felt far too slow imo.

it's like the guy is running in slow motion, and it really annoyed me.

I picked up a whole wack of games recently, and Loco Roco for the psp was the best thing I'd played on the console since Lumines (yes, it's been that long)

I bought phoenix wright and trauma center for my (also new) ds lite. very cool games too =)

By Anonymous adrian, at 21 August, 2006 03:54  

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