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18 July 2006
Where's my Curmudgeon Gamer hat?
I put some Curmudgeon Gamer items up on CafePress. You can browse them at the Curmudgeon Gamer store. I'm getting a hat for myself, shirts for the wife and 3-year-old, and a bib for the tiny one.

Additionally, some items sport a new, shorter URL for this site:
--Matt Matthews at 00:35
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Self-pimping is AWESOME, but tell me, what's the difference between the cheapskate, organic cotton, and basic white t-shirts? Why all the slight variations on different platforms? I don't get it.

So, Senator, can I also get you to promise right now, in front of this town hall, that you'll donate all the profits from these hats of money to

By Blogger rufbo, at 18 July, 2006 13:45  

The different platforms offer a variety of bonus features, so a shopper can tailor his fashion to his particular Curmudgeon Gamer persona. For example, you can play the "not Pac-man" Easter egg minigame if you buy the yellow "not Pac-man" t-shirt. On the other hand, the organic cotton t-shirt has a special mini-documentary about the evils of inorganic cotton. The bib comes with a special stain-removal side quest. We feel this offers the most options to the varied Curmudgeon Gamer demographic, and if someone happens to fall into more than one demographic group, they can buy more than one product.

By Blogger jvm, at 18 July, 2006 14:26  

Sweet! My brother finally pays homage to me by making my initials part of his web address.

By Blogger cgm, at 18 July, 2006 23:38  

My brother cracked the code. The site's new address really means "cgm...Raaaarrrr!!!!"

By Blogger jvm, at 18 July, 2006 23:42  

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