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26 July 2006
There are good deals, but for the patient, there are steals.
Civilization 3 is an enjoyable game. Can you really tell me that, if you've waited this long and haven't played, that you can't wait another week or two for shipping and plunk down $3 for the game delivered to your door? (You have to search through price/shipping combos to get $3, but it's there right now.)

This is what drives me crazy about pirates who claim they can't afford to drop $50 on a game, so they have a right to download a "trial" version, essentially, to determine if they want to shell out. For games like this -- very popular ones that are overproduced in their initial run -- there's really no reason not to simply wait for the price to approach nothing, which is pretty much where it is now. Even better, if you're contemplating a $50 WinPC game but are apprehensive, why not create a good library of classics instead? Half-Life is $4 (just $10 from Steam). Quake is essentially free. GTA3 is $4 + ship. GTA3:SA is $14. If you can't afford those prices, do what your parents did, young man, GET A JOB. THE BUMS LOST, LEBOWSKI!!!

Give me a break. End vent.
--ruffin at 22:25
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Then again, when you buy said game for $3 shipped, the game company gets the same amount they'd get from a pirate...nothing.

By Blogger Zach, at 27 July, 2006 07:45  

"Then again"? You mean "Even better," right?

I'm not arguing for obeying the law b/c I'm the proverbial company shill. Maybe Matt should make a bumper sticker that says, "Stick it to the man, legally. (". If a company makes a product that ends up as its own worst competitor, well, you get the profit, if you get my meaning.

By Blogger rufbo, at 27 July, 2006 08:56  

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